Sunshine & Company Photography

Sunshine & Company can provide a wide range of Photographic services.

Event Photography

General Elecvtric NGB

We provide professional coverage for your event and

  • We can provide you with professionally edited and professionally finished photographs or even the digital file.

  • We can allow your guests to view and purchase the images online.

  • We can provide you with an Online Photo Gallery on your site or ours if needed.

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Scholastic & Collegiate Sports Photography

NYS Championships

No matter what sport you need covered, Sunshine will be there on time and prepared to capture all that is on the assignment. Arriving with professional digital equipment and all of the expertise needed to capture fantastic shots, our photographers will help you cover your stories.

Burnt Hills Football

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Party Pictures

Sunshine photography captures the spontaneous and un-posed moments that can really express how much fun your guests had. Using candid photography, you can create naturally expressed memories that portray the live pulse of your event.

With a roving photographer, guests are presented posing with friends, winning awards, or shaking hands with hosts and sponsors. Roving photography lets you capture those moments you can't get with a stationary setup.

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Graduation Photography

Poster Union College Electric Car Portrait Photography Sports Photography Sports Photography Sports Photography Sports Photography Graduation Photography Graduation Photography Graduation Photography Posters



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Conventions, Trade Shows

Providing photos at your Convention or Trade Show is a powerful way for your sponsors to get additional recognition and branding and provide a memorable take a way gift to all the guests.

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Sunshine & Company
Photographic Retouching services

Sunshine & Company can improve photographs that need color correction, image changes, photographic restoration or portrait enhancement. Is someone in the picture that doesn't belong there anymore, or someone missing that should have been there?

Most retouch projects can be done entirely over the internet from quote to final image, and most jobs are completed within seven to ten days.

Starting with a wide range of projects in so many areas of Photography and Digital Retouching, Sunshine & Company has the benefit of many years of experience and time tested skills as well as the talent of an artistic eye. We are not new at this as so many people in this field are. We have specialized in high-end digital retouching since 1990, Silver Halide (film) Photographic Retouching since the 70's.

We have many samples available for you to see upon request.

I can make corrections to your images and post the resulting images in a password protected folder on our website for you to view. If you like what you see we can move forward and print the images, if not, I can continue to make changes with your advice until I have something you love.

Up to this point it will cost you nothing. (Holiday Special $29.95 for this service) Typically I charge $39.95 per image for my services and that will include a 4x6 inch print delivered to your doorstep. If an image requires an extraordinary amount of work the price will need to be adjusted, but that will be discussed before any payment is necessary.

For a larger 8x10, I charge and additional $12.95 per print including delivery (US only). Larger prints are available but may not be possible as this depends on many factors.


What I need from you:

I need an electronic copy of your image. If you have a hard copy (standard print) you may have to have the image scanned. You should have many services nearby that can scan your images. You can have your images scanned and send me the electronic file. I prefer to have an electronic copy of your image as that protects your prized photographs from loss or ruin. I perform my corrections using the latest Adobe software and require high quality scans, up to 10 meg as that's the typical limit that can be sent through email. My server will accept files up to 150mb.

If you don't have any services available, I can provide the scans for you at an additional cost plus return delivery costs. Please contact me to make arrangements for the delivery.


Printing Quality:

I use a service to print the images with state-of-the-art Fuji Frontier digital printers designed for professional photo finishers. The exposed photographic paper is chemically processed in the same way as in traditional photo labs, meaning you get the same high quality prints as you would from a film camera. The lab uses Fujicolor Crystal Archive photographic paper from Fuji. Archival quality literally means your prints can be enjoyed for many decades.



Payment for my services can be made directly on my website, but is not necessary until I have an image you love and we move forward to printing. Payments can be made right on my website . Other forms of payment are accepted but may delay my services. Please contact me for arrangements.


About Sunshine & Company:

There is no company unless I need help. I am a freelance web designer with a Photographic Science degree and have been working in the graphics field since the 70's. I know my stuff. I am located in upstate New York, in Saratoga county. I am available 7 days a week, and typically get a job done, printed and delivered in about 7 days. Expedited service is available, please contact me.