About Sunshine & Company

Freelance Photography, Website Design and Maintenance
Burnt Hills, New York

Sunshine & Company, is a small Website Maintenance, Design, and Photographic services company located in Burnt Hills, New York. Sunshine & Company really is just one person, me, Don Catharine. There really is no company unless I need help, then I invite some company. I perform Website Maintenance and Design as well as Photographic services and Photo Editing on a Freelance basis.

Typically I fulfill my clients maintenance requests within 48 hours; in emergencies less then 12. I am never farther away then an eMail or phone call.

Don Catharine has been serving the web community as Sunshine & Company since the 90's, Photography since the 70's.

I use the skills today that I mastered in film as photography evolved to digital. I use composition, lighting and exposure to "tell a story" in my photographs. I am an expert with Photoshop and can provide any type of Photo Editing you may need.

In the late 90's I taught myself HTML to create web sites. I used the techniques from my photographic experience to create a web page that "tells a story".

My HTML skills have evolved. I now work with a variety of web design programs/languages such as PHP, mySQL, Java and Java script. I have many programs available for you to use on your site if needed such as E-Commerce/Shopping Carts, Bulletin Boards, Webpage Forms, Auto Responders & Email programs, Calendar and appointment programs, Photo Galleries, Flash Flip-Books and more.

I'm able to keep my prices low mainly because there is no middle man profit. You deal directly with me, the person working on your site or your picture. Because I'm working out of my home and no middle-man expenses, I am able to pass these savings on to you.

While I may not be located geographically close to you, I am never farther away then an eMail or phone call.


Thank you for your interest,
Don Catharine